Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Sorry I can´t date this piece, I got here Monday, and I think today is Wednesday and I have to leave on Friday in order to reach Lima in time for my flight on Sunday! I´m on Mancora time baby! I no longer have a watch, my phone battery is dead and when i really need to know the time I take great efforts to consult my ipod which i think is either twenty late or early. Time! Piff! Mancora is very chilled, I have spent most of my days here lying by the pool for the most of the mornings. When i get hungry I take a casual stroll around the pool and order a sandwich and cocktail from the bar. I then sit with my girlies and eat said sandwich and drink said cocktail (sadly no Mojitos despite Bestie Chris telling me that EVERYWHERE in Mancora sold drinks with leaves in them!) After I am fed and watered the girls and I retreat to our loungers where we strenuosly lounge around until the sun goes behind the bar. Maybe we go buy an ice cream to break up the busy afternoon. The afternoon also involves getting harassed by this nightmare of a Peruvian guy called Alfreddo who sits and leers whilst having a conversation with himself at me about how rich he is and how he is so wonderful because he has Money and is from Peru and has a stash of Cocaine in his room that he tries to push on every person in the place. The evenign then pans out with a shower followed by more drinks at the bar. Some times I don´t even bother with the shower and go straight to bar. Depends on the weather. The evenings are chilled with a party vibe and everyone hangs out, drinks, and dodges Alfreddo like the plague. Very chilled, very cool, very sweet. Perfect ending to a perfect trip!

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