Saturday, 7 November 2009

The Mancora dream is over

So I´m back in Lima now all tanned up and lovely! I was definitely a little bit sad to be leaving Mancora, tears flowed as i left Rhiannon and the girlies at the pool. Crazy to think me and Rhiannon have been travelling together for 7 weeks now! Loco. I´ve been walking around Lima today in a bit of a daze, replaying all the best bits of the last 9 months in my head, whilst trying to ease the pain with some retail therapy. Seriously, shopping has never been so hard! NEVER! Somehow I got through it. But then once the shopping was over (incidentally i shouldn´t have been shopping in the first place, my bag already weighs 25kg!EEK!) I slipped into a lull. And then i went back to my room and cried. Once i pulled myself together I figured I should probably come check my emails, i figured it would be a good idea to send mum my fligth details, and I am so glad I did. Mum sent the perfect email and reminded me... It´s not over till it´s over. Wise words from a wise woman. They made me cry, but I´ve stopped moping now, and my last 24 hours on this blessed continent are going to be bloody good ones.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Sorry I can´t date this piece, I got here Monday, and I think today is Wednesday and I have to leave on Friday in order to reach Lima in time for my flight on Sunday! I´m on Mancora time baby! I no longer have a watch, my phone battery is dead and when i really need to know the time I take great efforts to consult my ipod which i think is either twenty late or early. Time! Piff! Mancora is very chilled, I have spent most of my days here lying by the pool for the most of the mornings. When i get hungry I take a casual stroll around the pool and order a sandwich and cocktail from the bar. I then sit with my girlies and eat said sandwich and drink said cocktail (sadly no Mojitos despite Bestie Chris telling me that EVERYWHERE in Mancora sold drinks with leaves in them!) After I am fed and watered the girls and I retreat to our loungers where we strenuosly lounge around until the sun goes behind the bar. Maybe we go buy an ice cream to break up the busy afternoon. The afternoon also involves getting harassed by this nightmare of a Peruvian guy called Alfreddo who sits and leers whilst having a conversation with himself at me about how rich he is and how he is so wonderful because he has Money and is from Peru and has a stash of Cocaine in his room that he tries to push on every person in the place. The evenign then pans out with a shower followed by more drinks at the bar. Some times I don´t even bother with the shower and go straight to bar. Depends on the weather. The evenings are chilled with a party vibe and everyone hangs out, drinks, and dodges Alfreddo like the plague. Very chilled, very cool, very sweet. Perfect ending to a perfect trip!

Dear Mum

As we now seem to communicate via my blog here is your response. So, aaages ago (like 2 months ago!) you asked me what I wanted to eat when I get home, and naturally I went a bit skitz because I was in denial over coming home, but now the time has come... well, to be honest I don`t really fancy anything in particular (except maybe fish and chips and jacomellis from Scarborogh, but that is a bit of a mission), so how about on the Monday we go straight to Reading and take William out for his long overdue birthday dinner at that really nice pub we went to with the Goose Pasta and all the other lovely foods in Reading! NOT TOBY CARVERY I WILL ADD. Please note that I do enjoy your cooking very much so please do not take any offence at the fact that on my first night I am suggesting eating out at a restaurant. Then on Tuesday, poached egg for breakfast. For lunch a nice Squash soup with really good whole meal bread on the side for lunch, possibly with sun flower seeds you know the one they have in Tescos. Followed by an evening meal of Corned Beef Hash served in a giant Yorkshire Pudding (not three piddly little ones) with HP brown sauce (in fact HP Fruity sauce in the green label if it is still possible to get that). I would also like a slice of Waitrose`s Carrot cake, from the COUNTER, not the boxed one. I`m not craving a roast dinner just yet, but maybe I will by Sunday. Also, a belated joint birthday meal for me and you at Cafe Masala should probably be scheduled in at some point!As for snacks, Peanut Butter would go down a treat, as would flavoured crisps, possibly a McCoys selection pack. In other news, Anna Friel is playing Holly Golightly in London and I would very much like to offer you first refusal as being my prestigious honoured accompanier to the theatre. I most definitely want to see Anna Friel on stage, I`m sure it would be amazing! Let me know your thoughts on the matter. And finally, can you bring my Ugg Boots to the airport with you please, flip flops are not going to be cutting the mustard me thinks! Much love, your daughter, Amy, who you clearly no longer regard as a daughter but merely as a blog.