Tuesday, 6 October 2009

When Monkeys go WILD!

First up, a note to Mum, the monkeys haven´t gone wild on me and I am safe and fine!

Secondly, the SDpider Monkeys are going crazy at the minute.

Spider Park is further up than Monkey Park, but both Parks work quite closely together sharing cooking, washing and cleaning duties. Yesterday, Spider Park had an attack of the Wild Macho Spiders that live in the jungle. We´d only just served breakfast and we were on look out for the Machos who come and steal our food. We normally shout FUERA and throw rocks (with the intention of missing, although with my crap throw I have no chance of getting anywhere near a monkey!) to scare them off and it normally works, except yesterday, the Machos made their way all the way into Spider Park and attacked a Spider called Iggy. It had four wounds on it and had to be rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery (pushing Rhiannon´s unusal toe to the back of the queue.) Luckily the monkey was ok, it had to have a lot of stitches, both internal and external. BUt was taken back to the park later in the day. It was such a sad morning, and the Machos keep coming back for more. Some of the lady spider monkeys are calling the machos down with their mating calls so they are only doinf what is natural to them, but its all a bit traumatic and there is lots of shouting going on. This morning the guys and girls in the spider park have been doing A LOT of shouting to scare them off. It is so frustrating because they don´t really listen. It´s painful to be down in the monkey park and not be able to help, it´s so frustrating. Just before lunch one of the Spider boys was attacked on the face by a Spider who went a bit skitzy while the machos were terrorising the Spider Monkeys. Poor guy! He had so much blood gushing from his face. I wish I could have seen myself post my attack, it must have looked pretty gory and cool! Although incidentally, I haven´t seen my reflection since I have been here, this is a place where no mirrors exist! Woohoo!

In other news, I have stopped being afraid of the Monkeys I see in my room at night, I have learnt to stroke them fearlessly and then they disappear and turn into jumpers, sleeping bags and towels. Woohoo! The fear is going.

In other news, Rhiannon had a parasitic worm pulled out of her toe yesterday.

And finally, I have got Welly Rash! Yukk, gross, but the wellies and the heat have resulted in a disgusting rash. Thank god for anitseptic creams and potions!

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