Friday, 9 October 2009

This place is a bit like Cluedo

There have been a few occasions in the last 11 days where I feel like I´m in a game of Cluedo. Please note that all of these have all occured and are 100% true.

Monkey with a machete in the Small Animals Enclosure. (Yes, people do leave machetes lying around)

Capuchin with a knife in the Aviary. (The moral of the story is, don´t leave anything lying around!)

Spider monkey in the kitchen with a Baby. (This is becoming an every day occurence! Kitchen door is being fixed tomorrow)

Tyra with half a squirrel monkey in the Small Animals Enclosure. (We have so many Squirrel monkeys running around the park! One less, and no one really notices, but it makes a great story!)

Spider monkey with a frog on the waterfall. (Not the same one as Abram on the beach, another one!)

Spider monkey on the loose in Quarentine. (I am disturbed from lunch by Gracie, asking me to take my SPider monkey back to MOnkey Park, I go and check it out... That´s not my monkey! He looks scary. Turns out it is a Quarentine monkey escaped from it´s cage! Lock your animals up Quarantine!)

Capuchin with a video camera and camera at the top of a 30ft high tower. (Poor James and Sasha, thankfullñy all the memory cards survived, shame about the video Camera.)

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