Sunday, 18 October 2009

Since leaving Villa Tunari

We arrived back in La Paz on Thursday morning. We would have like to have dived straight into a bed but we weren´t allowed to check in straight away. We made a list and started do all the things we needed to do... Buy shower gel, post postcards. By 3pm we were past it and had to find beds to crash in. We met up with Margot (another volunteer) and Will (her boyf) in the evening and dined high style at the best Japanse restaurant in La Paz, pricey yes, but we deserved after two weeks of deprivation.

Friday morning we jumped on the bus to Copacabana and then on a boat to Isla Del Sol where we spent the night.

Saturday we trekked from the South to the North of the island in the morning which was beautiful, so stunning. Then we jumped on the boat back to Copacabana and then straight onto a bus bound for Cuzco.

Sunday we arrived at Cuzco at 6am! YuK! And we checked straight into a twin room at a quiet little hotel. Rhiannon and I are both so tired still from Inti Wara Yassi and we just wanted soemwhere to crash out and catch up on sleep.

Not sure how long I will be in Cuzco for, I plan to start my walk to Machu Pichu on Wednesday or Thursday depending what trek I opt for and so I will arrive at the Gates of Machu Pichu on my 24th birthday! What a way to celebrate! After that I may hang around in Cuzco as there is so much to do here or I may bust my gut around the rest of Peru, but for now I am not sure. I lvoe not having plans, but m y looming return flight is getting closer by the day. Who knows!

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