Friday, 2 October 2009

Morning 4, Chillaxing with the Monkeys, 2 October

It´s lunchtime, I get 90 minutes for lunch so I´m making the most of time by internetting! I should be handwashing some clothes but I´ll save that for another day!

This morning has been ok. In fact it´s been very ok. You´ll be gald to know I have no new bites and have no need for anymore stitches on my face, body or clothes. I´ve probably just tempted fate now for this afternoon by saying that.

I cleaned the Spider cages this morning as a time out from the monkeys. Monkey poo, may smell disgusting, but it is nice to have a break from the intenseness of the monkeys.

I had a really nice cuddle from Abram this morning. He is a little funny today. He might have to go back to the clinic. One minute he is full of cofnidence, the next he is terrified and crying. He needed a cuddle cos he was crying and I was good at cuddlign him. Panchita came and join us for a cuddle too and she started to pick his nits. This was good as it means I didn´t have to do it, it also shows that he is accepted by another monkey in the group.

We went for a walk to the beach again and I took Fidelia and she was lvoely to me as well.

I also poured the API this monring, some of the monkeys came over as I did it, but they were really good and very placid. Woohoo! Maybe I can just be in charge of pouring hte API from now on.

I made a slight faux pas ebfore lunch though. We put the lunch in a cage and wait for the spider´s to leave bfore we feed the capuchins. Once the spiders are gone we get the food from the lcoked cage and dish up.

When we reach the cage we see Salim with a banana, hmmm... where did he get the bananan from. Next look, how did all those monkeys get inside the cage? My bad, i totally didn´t close the cage sufficiently and now we have tipped up buckets of fruit and a whole laoda monkeys running riot in the cage. We got the fruit out and the monkeys left eventually. There´s a job for this afterrnoon.

Right gotta head back now, it´s time for lunch and it looks good today, tomato veggies with rice. One of the girls is cooking up an Italian banquet for tonight with reall home made pasta! What a treat! That is, if I survive the afternoon!

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