Friday, 9 October 2009

Important things that have happened in the last few days...

When I say Pub, you say Quiz, Pub...

We had a pub quiz the other night. We came third. We might have come second or even first, but some people doubted my answers! No names mentioned, Louise.

I won a bottle of rum though for guessing how many corn kernels were in a 2 liter bottle. I guessed 2137. There were 2007 in the bottle. The second nearest guess was 1500. I definitely wasn´t given a tip off before the Quiz started before one of the Quiz Masters, or was I?

Arguments ensued in the evening about whether or not Australia is a continent or a country. Obviously it is a country, and Australasia is a continent. Even the Ozzies themselves were divided on the issue. The education system is shocking in Australia.

I´m so good with the monkeys now

You know how I wrote before that I wanted to be one of those people who could fearlessly play with monkeys... Well now I am one of those people. I no longer flinch when they launch themselves at me. I let them give me play bites. I let them play inside my top. I am so brave. I never want to leave because I am now so courageous!

I confronted Salim

So Salim is the baddie that bit me. I hovered round him so tentatively for days, but yesteday I confronted him and actaully poured the API right next to him and let him drink from the container as I poured. Everyone else said they would never get that close to him. Maybe you think me stupid for this, but I see it as being brave! Maybe I will become friends with Buster when I get home.

James has left

James has been my boss for the last 9 days, but he left yesterday (now I´m in charge! can you beleive!). He told me he was really proud of me for confronting my fears and getting on so well with the monkeys. This was really nice of him to say and I appreciated it. He and his girlfired Sasha contributed so much to the Park in their time here. They both rocked!

Back in surgery!

Nope, no more bites, but I´ve had my stitch out now! Woohoo. It only hurt a little bit. Rhiannon and I seem to be frequenting the surgery quite often! Ooops!

I sawed a sloth!

I saw one! It was grey and big and cool. It doesnt belong to the park, it just lives in the jungle. and i sawed it! Gutted i had already run down my camera battery so i didnt get a snap! Dammit!

Waiting for Goodall

Sounds like a play by Samuel Beckett. But the real deal is shaping up this weekend. On Sunday, the legendary famous Jane Goodall will be coming to the Park. SO everyone is on a cleaning/painting/axing/raking/bleaching/cage making frenzy! Its pretty mad at the minute. Will be cool to meet her though!

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