Friday, 30 October 2009

Huacachina! 30 October 2009

So this morning we went ot the Islas Ballistas and saw real, live, wild, Humboldt penguins, sealions and Pelicans! Very very very cool! But it was a little cold. After a few hours by the pool we went out Dune Bashing and sandboarding in the amazing desert. To be concise here is what I worte on Gwilym´s wall about the event;

I went dune bashing today and it made me think about you because we went dune bashing together in Dubai. Except, if i´m to be brutally honest, the dunes in Dubai were nothing in comparison to the ones I went on today. The car we were in was a real buggy too without doors and without windows! And the sanddunes themselves were actually higher than Mount Everest. And, I sat in the front seat which made it freaking awesome when we went down the vertical dunes! Scream! ARGHHH! I also hit my guide in the balls with my sand board! Oops!

So in all had an awesome day today as ever. Also, just had realyl good pasta for dinner... like the best pasta in the whole of South America with a nice drop of red to go with it!

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