Friday, 2 October 2009

Day 3, Another day, another attack, 1 October 2009

I was terrified when I woke up this morning. Absoultely terrified. But I was determined to go back to monkey park.

I shotgunned the API, this is a water tank full of milky goodness as opposed to an open bucket full of bananas. I decided I would be less of a target if I carried the API. And I was. While everyone lese got mobbed by squirrels and capuchins, I walked along quite happily, except that I was petrified of one jumping me.

I reached the park and there was Salim. Everyone told me not to look him in the eyes. I listened to what they said. And kept as far as way from him as possible, but kept him in sight.

I was too te rrified to take the breakfast up to the feeding bowls and sat around for most of the morning.

I was so frustrated. I wanted to help, but the fear was stopping me. I daren´t evnen clear up after brekkie, even though the monkeys had scarpered into the jungle I was petrified that they would come at me from all angles , pin me down and eat the rest of me.

I decided that after lucnh I would go to construction and help build cages. Monkey park was not for me. i just sat like a nervous wreck.

Then along came Adrian, he had been working with the really nuahgty monkeys for 3 weeks, on his second day hi face was attacked by one of the baddies. He also studied psycology at uni. HE told me lots about fears and phobias and how he found it really hard to go back up after his attack. Suddenly I didn´t feel like such a scaredy cat. I was allowed to be terrified by the monkeys, they may be about 40cms tall, but I had been attacked by one, and that fear was perfectly legitimate.

The previous night at dinner a lot of people had told me that they had a lot of respect for me and the way I was going about facing my fears. With all this in mind I decided to take two tablespoons of cement and harden up. I wasn´t leaving monkey park, I was going to face it, head on, for the next two weeks! Hell yeah!

I started to help with the water carrying to power the hose, and even though I was a bit jumpy as I filled and carried the buckets I managed to help out and escape attack.

Escape attak that was up until a point. After an hour of fetching and carrying water it all went wrong. I was climbing over a plank of wood and was attacked again. BUt not by a monkey, oh no, I was actually acttacked by a bucket! A sharp bit of metal caught my trousers and tore through. A wound that will require 30 stitches! Lucklily I just got a teeny tiny scratch on my leg.

After this I was sent to wash the monkeys blankets, a pretty rubbish job to be cleaning poo from sheets, but at least there were no monkeys around so it was a haven for a bit.

I helped prepare lunch and then proceeded to stand back and watch. Again I kept my eyes on Salim, the baddie, and i watched him slinking around.

After lunch we took Abram and Fidelia for a walk. I had Abram and we had a lovely walk, he climbe on my neck really nicely and sat on my without touching my face. We found fish and bugs and grass down on the beach and then wandered back up.

The afternoons in monkey park are pretty chilled and the rest of the day went smoothly, for me at least. On of the other volunteers came running voer in the afternoon asking for Vladi (the Bolivian guy with a broken ankle who knows every monkey by name and can probably talk to the monkeys as well), turns out that the alpha males had broken into the aviary and were stealing food. Except Vladi was sorting out another crisis in the SPider Park. I called for Vladi and half an hour later he hobbled over to the aviary to try and ease the crisis. However by the time he got there the crisis was over.

Tea time came and the monkeys were all very well behaved. I still hadn´t managed to serve the monkeys theri food, but hoepfully I´ll have the confidence to do that soon.

After work I ate banana fritters! Yum, yum, yum!

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  1. So you mean to say your trousers need 30 stitches, yes????