Monday, 7 September 2009

You don´t need sun to have a great time on Ilha Grande, 22-27 August 2009

Before we left Rio we had spent a good few hours trying to hunt the sun on the Brazilain coastline. But all the weather websites kept telling us that the weather was cloudy along the whole coast. We headed to the coast oozing with optimism hopign that we could prove the weather forecasters wrong and catch some sun.

We had five whole days on Ilha Grande and had one day of sun, but Laura and I were not going to let the lack of sun stop us from having an amazing time... oh no, we had cagoules!

Even though the weather wasn´t blue sky and beautiful, it was still bright through the cloud so every day we tackled a different beach.

Day 1, a short circuit to see the old prison, two beaches (one with black sand! v. cool) and a waterfall. The walk was about 2 hours long but we sat by the waterfall for a couple of hours and chilled out.

Day 2, THE DAY OF SUN! went to one of the two beaches we visited the previous day. Apart from a guard dog who joined us we had the whole bay to ourselves.

Day 3, The day that killed our calves! The previous night there had been an awesome rain storm. All the electricity on the island was cut off it was so bad. But when we woke up it was dry and we decided to make the 3 hour trk to the Dois Rios Beach.For some reason, even though we knew it was up hill for half the journey, we both wore flip flops for the walk. It was a very steep walk indeed, but it was a beautiful one through lush green rainforest. We took our time on the walk over and it stayed very dry. When we reached the beach it was beautful even without a blue sky behind it. We perched ourselves on the beach and sat there and chille dout until it startd to spit and we decided to head back. This day could have been a day where we did nothing and stayed indoors, but other than a little bit of drizzle we barely felt rain all day.

Day 4, We woke up seriosuly aching! A six hour round trip, up a big hill is not the best idea in flip flops, our legs were caining! The weather was not tip top but we decided to head to Lopez Mendez beach with some Aussie surfers from our Posada. It was cool to jump on a boat round to another beach, it certainly provided our aching calves some much neeeded respite. However, we didn´t realise that we would have to climb over another hill to reach the beach from the boat stop! OUCHIES! We had a few hours on the beach before the rain set in. While the boys surfed on some pitiful waves, we girls played cards and chatted. When the rain came we ran back to the boat and the boat man let us sit on the boat under cover. We all jsut chilled out there until it was time for the boat to head back home.

Day 5, Our last day and the sun was really teasing us. There were some real chinks of cloudless blue sky up above, but the clouds were moving too fast and kept covering the blue. We spent the day on another beach stripping down to bikinis and then putting hoodies on again.

The verdict on Ilha Grande without sun... if you are a Brit you can have a great time on Ilha Grande´s beaches without sunshide. I mean, only Brits can sit on a beach in hoodies and waterproof jackets. And, strangely enough we managed to get a bit of colour on our pasty bods even through the clouds!

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