Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Waiting for Laura, 10 August 2009

When Laura first emailed me asking where I would be in August and mentioned that she might be able to come and join me I got very, very excited. I sent a hurried reply telling her I would be in Brazil and that it would be lovely to see her in Brazil if she wished to join me. And Laura being the true legend that she is booked a flight to Sao Paulo for her three week holiday before she turned into a suit wearing grown up.

Obviously I was very excited when I woke up this morning. I faffed around a lot. I don`t really know what I was faffing at, I guess it was just excited faffing.

I had time to kill so I did some blogging. Incidentally, I also listened to Scott Mills on Radio 1 while I was blogging (Thanks for the idea Pip). It was a strange feeling listening to Newsbeat and listening to Scott Mills do his thing. I also swear that I didn`t hear a single song that I hadn`t heard before leaving the UK, so things dont change that much I guess. I quickly realsied that I had gone over time and I had to quit sharpsih and hot foot it to the airport.

I hadn`t told Laura that I was going to meet her at the airport. I had text her the day before telling her the hostel was nice, but I hadn`t confirmed I would be there waiting at the gate for her. But lets face it, Laura was coming all the way to Brazil to see me, so it was the very least i could do to hop on a tube and a bus to meet her!

I was there early. Of course, me being me insisted that I should be at the gate when the plane landed, of course I forgot about the time it takes to go through passport control and baggage reclaim so I stood a while at the gate waiting.

I got really sad as I waited. The next time I would be at an airport gate would be at Heathrow, when I arrive home. When the dream is over. (Oh i do like to be dramatic don`t i!) So I stood and watched the scenes unfold as families were reunited. I was nearly in tears. I could picture the expression that I know dad will have on his face when I return. One girl was greated with a million balloons and was bundled by her family as she stepped through the gate. Take note Mumma! It was like the real life scenario of Love Actually. There were so many tears and hugs all around. It was lovely. Then I noticed people coming through with Air France stickers on their bags. Laura`s Flight!

I thought I had picked a good spot at the gate, but then two nuns came and stood in my way. I didn`t like to move because all the other available places at the gate were rubbish, and I just hoped that the nuns would move before Laura came through.

I don`t know if the nuns were still there because as soon as Laura and I made eye contact I ran round the barrier to give her the biggest hug! Tears of happiness on my cheeks!

And then it began... the longest ever non stop chatting marathon you ever did hear or see. Seriosuly, it must have been a week before either of us came up for breath!

Laura and I have been friends since year 7 at Herts and Essex. Which is a whopping 12 years ago!!! And we have stayed close through school, laura`s gap year, both of our degrees and now my gap year. It was awesome to have her come and join me in Brazil.

It was a strange feeling... here in front of my was Laura, a tangible link to the world back home. It was strange. A real reality check.

We jumped on the bus, and then the tube and then we wandered back via the super market to the hostel.

As we went over to the kitchen to cook I snubbed my new Dutch friend completely in favour of Laura. I had warned him this would happen! Laura and I ate risotto and between mouthfulls we continued to fill each other in on every minutae of our lives since we had last seen each other in January. Of course Laura probably knew most of the things I was telling her, she reads this blog, but of course she was too polite to tell me she had already heard my stories.

I swear had it been possible Laura and I would have maintained conversation in our sleep that night.

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