Friday, 11 September 2009

An unexpected reunion, 2 September 2009

So after padding out my day as much as possible in the hip, hop and happening town of Santa Cruz I dined on a delightful dinner of chips, rice and chicken. Yes, chips and rice! Double carbs!

I was pretty tired from all my travelling so I headed back to the hostel at about 6.30 to chill out. There weren{t many people hanging around the place so I went to my room, clambered on my bed and had a look at the LP to see if I was missing anything in Santa Cruz.

Although there were signs that there were 2 other people in the dorm, I hadn{t yet seen them. On one of the beds I spied a pack of Malborough Lights and a Bradt Guide book to Bolivia on the bed. Hmmm... a smoker whose posh enough to travel with a Bradt guide book! I assumed my room mates had been on a day trip, hence I hadn{t seen them in the morning or evening.

As I sat on my top bunk bed I heard a knock on the door and 'Knock, knock!', I responded with a 'Come in!' and then let out a scream! It was only bloody Bestie Chris stood in front of me!

A conversation ensued that was as fast as light.

Chris had left Rhiannon and Scott in search of surf (obviously, seeing as he was in land locked Bolivia) and was waiting in Santa Cruz for a flight to Equador via Panama leaving at 5am tomorrow. He had been in Santa Cruz for 5 days (errr... what have you been doing for the last 5 days?) chilling in a hammock waiting for his flight to Equador. }

In the next few hours Chris updated me on all the goings on since I last saw the Besties in Buenos Aires and I updated him on all the Brazilian fun. The next thing I know I am on my way to a concert with Chris and some other people he had met in the hostel... and thus begins the next tale.

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