Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Turning Japanese, 9 August 2009

I didn`t really want to do a great deal when I arrived in Sao Paulo. I didn`t want to have done and seen everything before Laura arrived and then have to do it again. I had planned on an internet day so that I could catch up on my blog, but I got chatting to a Dutch guy who had also jsut arrived and the two of us ended up heading into the city to check out the Japanese market.

Woudl you believe that Sao Paulo is home to the largest population of Japanese people outside of Japan. Most cities have China Towns, but Sao Paulo has Japan Town, or Liberdade as it is actually called.

We climbed out of the subway and found all manner of edible Japanese delights. I gorged on some Tempura Prawns, strange pancake dumplings and a snow cone topped with acai cordial and condensed milk. YUMMY! It was delightful, but i was now drained of money and was in desperate need of money.

Murray, the dutch guy, was also in need of moeny so the two of went on a bank crawl. I say crawl because we tried two banks close to the Japanese market and had no success at withdrawing money. NoooO!

We wandered into the city centre and looked at the big massive cathedral. There were a few art stalls going on, but the city centre was very, very quiet.

We found an HSBC and managed to withdraw money. This was such a relief after at least six unsuccessful attempts to withdraw money at other banks!

With the centre a little on the quiet side we wandered back to the Japanese market and then decided to walk back to the hostel. Oooo it was a long walk. And I might add that this was my first day in flip flops since landing in South America. So walking a long way in flip flops for the first time in a long time was not great. But it was a pleasant afternoon so it was better to make the most of the good weather rather than take the tube.

Sao Paulo is not an attractive city, but it is pretty cool for its concrete sprawl. I got a good vibe of the city,.

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