Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Treats! 11 August 2009

Laura had offered to bring anything out to me that I might require at this point on my trip and so when I came out of the shower all my goodies were laid out on my bed.

A new head torch (deet killed my other one)(present from mum)

Ballet shoes (so that i didnt have to wear leggings over my walking boots anymore) (present from mum)

Vitamin C tablets (I`m determined not to get swine flu)(present from mum)

Compeed Blister Plasters (Laura had a few million kicking around and she figured they would be helpful for Machu Pichu)(present from Laura)

A hot water bottle (with a blue fleece cover and the word 'babe' stitched on to it, courtesy of Katy Pilcher circa Christmas 1999)(present from Laura)

PERCY PIGS! TWO BAGS! (present from Laura)

I asked if Mum had put a letter in. Laura replied that she hadn`t! Scandal! Oh well, I opened the Percy Pigs and quickly got over it!

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