Tuesday, 15 September 2009

TANKLES! 4 September 2009

This is the post I forgot to write the other day.

Once we had found a hostel in Sucre to stay for the night I quickly got changed before we headed out in search of breakfast. I decided the mild weather required that today be a day for leggings! Wooo! However, the Wooo feeling was short lived. I loooked down at my feet as I pulled on my leggings and let out a scream. Where were my ankles? ARGHHHHH! The mixture of 15 hours on a bus at altitude had inflated my ankles to the size of tree trunks. I averted my eyes from the monstrosity that was my tankles. Once i had got used to the idea I looked again. I shuddered with disgust. This was disgusting! I spent the whole day eyeing my angles in the reflections of windows and car doors. Urghhhh! I hate altitude!

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