Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Someone is Voodooing me, 6 September 2009

I´ve been meaning to write this post for some time, but since I left Paraty and landed in Sao Paulo I have had a sneaking suspicion that I have been the victim of Voodoo. Here´s the evidence:

Leaving Paraty I go to close the zipper compartment on the bottom of my bag and catch a plastic bag in the zip. This snags my zip beyond recognition and thus has broken the zip. I have had to reorganise my bag so that i do not cause further damage to this part of my bag. To date my gaffer tape fixings are holding out.

The frame on my backpack is pushing through the bottom of my bag. This problem actually began some time ago, but I hacve fixed it. However, the frame has wiggled its way mysteriously into a new position and is causing another bigger hole in my bag. To date my denim patch sewn on with double thickness thread is holding out. Bestie Scott is going to have a look at it for me. He works in an outdoor shop.

My combination lock. This lock is pretty substantial, it has survived some brutal bashing about, but the other day my bag fell off the bed and my combination lock smashed with it. Smashed into a million pieces. I tried to fix it, but failed and had to buy a new one. Only problem is that the new one comes with Portugues instructions, so altho the receptionist girl in Sao Paulo set it for me I have no idea how it actually works.

Wash bag. My wash bag is fraying everywhere and is full of holes.

Sunnies. These literally just snapped. No reason, they just snapped on my head.

So to whoever is voodooing me could you please stop it por favor.

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