Thursday, 3 September 2009

Rio, the city tour, 19 August 2009

The weather looked a littl ropey this morning when we got up, so we decided to go into the centre and check out the sights there. We knew that we could quickly dip in to a museum if the rain started. We wandered around and to be honest the city wasn`t as pretty from street level as it was from above. It was jsut like any other average city as we walked around the centre. A lot of hte churches and museums and theatres werre being renovated so you could hardly see them behind the scaffolding. We did come across a great littl street full of shops selling feather boas which was really cool.

We went into an awesome library with loads of old books and dark wooden shelves, it would be such a cool place to go and write a dissertation. After that we found a great little modern art gallery by a Brazilain artist. I can`t remember his name but i will fill it in when i remember. It was very modern art, and a lot of the bumpf that went alongside the work was a load of rubbish, but once you got past that then it was actually pretty cool. It was all about sensory perceptions and you got to walk through sand and bark and carpets so you could feel the art.

When we came out of the art gallery we noticed that the sky was cloudless and blue. This meant it was time to ditch the walking tour and make the most of the clear sky... it was time to go meet Christ!

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