Sunday, 13 September 2009

Potosi, 5 September 2009

When I arrived in Potosi I was instanly glad that I had left Sucre. The town was lovely. Lots of Pedestrian street, lots of cobbles and pretty little buildings and houses. And, a million gorgeous churches, well, actually, I think there was about 84. Myself, Ryan and Sharon (an American we had met on the bus) wandered round the streets of Potosi with fingers constantly pressing the shoot button on our cameras. It was lovely and had a much more Bolivian feel to it than Sucre. It was great to wander round and see all the beautiful Bolivian mamas in their big skirts and bowler hats. So picturesque but impossible to pry and take photographs. As I wandered round I kept my eyes peeled for a sighting of my Besties but they were no wehre to be seen. After lunch Ryan, Sharon and I decided to head to the mines.

Fun Fact... Potosi is the highest city in the world (note that La Paz is the highest CAPITAL city in the world). It was quite nice and mild in the day but got cold at night.

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