Monday, 7 September 2009

Pizza Sunday, 23 Augst 2009

In modern day Brazil it has become a bit of a tradition to eat Pizza on a Sunday. How very Brazilian! So, with the power down because of the storm Laura and I ventured the nearest restaurant that was still serving food... a pizza place.

Feeling hungry we ordered the biggest pizza possible, any leftovers would do for lunch the next day, but we were both so hungry that the chance of there actually being any leftovers was pretty slim.

We sat down and poured our drinks when a guy came to our table and said hello.

We had met the guy on our first night while sitting drinking beers by the sea front. He was the driver of one of the big tour boats and had struck up covnersation with us in an attempt to get tourists on his boats. He asked if he could sit down with us. We couldn´t really say no.

He sat and the trhee of us started to chat. Then the covnersation changed to jobs, and he told Laura that he was convinced he had seen her on the covers of a magazine, she must be a model. Laura shifted conversation but a few minutes later we were back at Laura´s beauty. The evening continued in this vein as he flattered Luara and we took it in turns to chagne the topic of conversation. After a while it got quite uncomfortable, he was talking about taking Laura to meet his mum and dad, and saying that Laura was the most beautiufl girl in the world. When Laura joked ´i bett you say that to all the girls´ he got really upset and offended, at least he pretended to, and said he was not that type fo guy. Minutes later he was leering after her again. This was seriosu Brazilian sleaze at its best/worst.

We asked for the bill and he got all sad. He wouldn´t let us pay, he said that once we paid we would leave... He wasn´t stupid that´s for sure. Oh dear, thats a shame. We paid, said good night and left.

As we walked abck we both shuddreed a tthe total sleze we had seen in action. It was ridiculously uncomfortable and even though our Pizza tasted amazing, it left a sour taste in our mouths. We jsut hoped and hoped that we woudln´t se ehim again while we were on the island.

As it happened, we ended up bumping into him every day for the rest of our trip. We always said a polite hello and hten carried on walking as fast as we could. Serious creep!

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