Monday, 7 September 2009

Paraty by night, 28 29 August 2009

The first night in Paraty we stayed in as Laura wasn´t feeling great and we were both tired.

The second and third nights we got into the local mix in old town Paraty.

After dining on a delcious meal of fresh prawns on the 28th we wadnered down to a make shift marquee type thing and discovered that there was a reggae concert starting at 11pm. We grabbed a beer and sat around people watching waiting for the reggae to commence. The reggae began and it was distinctly average! Thankfully an Irish guy came and sat with us and we sat around chatting and let the reggae fade into the background. At about midnight we wer tired (lying on a tropical beach all day is hard work) so we headed back to bed.

On the 29th we were back at the Marquee and eating dinner. We both had massive bwols of yaki soba which we devoured! There was another band due on at 11pm again in the marquee, but by the time we had finished eating it was only 8pm. We decided to wander back through the old town. We fell across a little restaurant with an acoustic guitarist playing so we went inside and ordered a coke zero each. We were the only ones in the restaurant but we were a kind audience. The gilr on guitar was really awesome and it was cool to chill a nd enjoy her music. That was, until the bill came. The waiter brought it over and pointed out the 3 pound cover charge. Cover charge? Huh! Turns out that we had to pay a cover charge to sit and listen to the girl! We were fuming! We paid it and left, and then realsied that he had done his adding up wrong and even though we had to pay the cover charge he had actualyl undercharged us for the cokes. We headed back to the marquee to see if the msuic had started early, it hadn´t, but we couldnt be btohered to hang around so we went back to the hostel and to bed. Except, neither of us coudl sleep. Coke zero may be sugar free, but we learnt that night that it isn´t caffeine free! Dammit!

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