Wednesday, 2 September 2009

My last day in Buenos Aires, 4 August 2009

`Twas a sad day indeed, my last day in Buenos Aires, my last day in Argentina.

After packing up my bag at the Lime House hostel, my home for the last 14 days, i made my way over to Harri and Pippa¨s hostel to meet them.

First on the agenda was the post office as we all had some post cards to send.

Second was a trip to La Boca. How ironic that the place i visited on my firsst day in BA was also the place i visited on my last day. We jumped on the bus and I showed the colourful delights of La Boca to the girls. Again, it was freezing and we took a hot choclate to warm us up. Whilst drinking our hot chocolates however we were all called up to the cafe`s stage to dance tango. Harri made her way up to the stage and she did us proud. What fantastic little dancer Ms Needham was when she had a partner who actually knew what he was doing. After Harri took her curtsy it was my time to tread the boards. Can i just point out that this cafe was a street cafe, and this stage was in the street and so there were lots of corwds of tourists watching us! Oh dear. No pressure. I took up the correct tango position with my midget partner and the music began. it was incredibly easy to pick up when you had a professional showing you how it is done. although i picked up the steps quite simply, i failed to master the art of the intense longing stares that my partner insisted on. I just couldnt help but laugh at him!

After my tango we quickly left the cafe before Pippa was picked on and made our way for a last lunch with Miranda, Sophie and Emma in San Telmo. It was a beautiful and cheap little luncheon in a fabberlous little french cafe. Truly delightful.

After lunch came a sad farewell to the girls. I was leaving for Uruguay and they were leaving for Iguazu. It was the end of the South American reunions for Needham, Wadey and Harrison, the next time I would catch up with them would be back home! Boo!

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