Tuesday, 15 September 2009

My boots stink! 5 September 2009

Oh, these few posts are all over the shot. Sorry for that.

On Saturday night as we were all getting ready for bed in our dorm, Ryan turns to myself and Sharon and enquires about a smell. I sniffed the air. I couldn´t smell anything. And then it hit me, a double dose of feral hiking boot pong and sheer humiliation. ´Err, i think it might be my boots.´ My boots were immediately marched out of the room and left outside the dorm.

Maybe I am just ussed to the smell, but I really didnt think they were that bad.

As I write this now on the bus to Tupiza I am actually wearing my boots and can smell a faint whiff of the offending odour. uRGHH!

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