Monday, 7 September 2009

Moving on... 27 August 2009

It was a sad day when it came, saying farewell to Ilha Grande, it was emotional, but we had one more stop ahead of us before Laura had to abandon me. Paraty!

It was a glorious day when we left Ilha Grande and the journey to Paraty (a beach town two hours along the mainland coast) was stunning with the lush green rainforest against the blue sky.

We got off the bus at Paraty and were met by a hostel tout. But as it happened, it was a tout for the hostel we were hoping to stay at. As he walked us to the hostel he told us all about the local high lights and we got very excited!

We ditched our bags and moved into the tiniest dorm in the world. We had our fingers crossed that no one else would be joining us... in fact, they couldn´t have joined us, there were three more beds, but no space for anymore than 2 people in the room!

With bags ditched we made our way to the old town. It was like nothing else we had seen so far in Brazil. It was like being in Portugal. Cobbled lanes with clean white washed buildings all loking over the sea. It was very colonial and we couldn´t get enough of it as we weaved our way along the lanes. We spent a lovely evening wandering around the old town and we both kept saying to each other how much we lvoed it.

We had left paradise island, but we couldn´t be sad because Paraty was lovely... and, there was sunshine forecasted for the next two days!

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