Wednesday, 2 September 2009

A little bit of Japan, and little bit of Italy and a city park, 12 August 2009

Today Laura and I started out in Japan. We explored the little shops and admired all the tacky bits and bobs that lined the streets of Japan Town.

From there we wandered to the Italian quarter, which didn`t really feel very Italian until we reached a street that was decked out with red, white and gree bunting. It looked very cool, but it became apparent that it was all decked out for the weekend! dammit, we were going to miss it! we contemplated taking an italian lunch, but we couldnt find anywhere open for lunch yet. We wandered around some brightly coloured builiding and houses which we both agreed felt very brazilian.

After we worked up an appetite we bought a platter of sushi from Liberdade and wended our way to the local park. The hostel told us that the park was easy to reach. However, they were wrong. We had to cross at leaast three massive highways, which had no pedestrian crossings and so took forever to cross. By the time we eventually made it to the park it had taken us over an hour to get there. We ate our sushi contentdly in the park and carried on swapping stories. The park was pretty and we found some great macro shots in the pretty trees and flowers.

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