Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Killing time in Montevideo, 7 August 2009

I had four objectives for today.

1. Get on my bus at 7pm for Brazil

2. Buy wool - another South American country, another ball of wool

3. Buy a flag badge (i`ve been buying flag badges all around the world and sewing them on my backpack... becasue I`m cool!)

4. Buy, write and post postcards

Caroline suggested we check out the beach in Montevideo. I was quite impassive about the prospect so I joined her on her walk. It was a greay day and it was cold. I had my coat on, but I wished i had my fleece on as well.

The sea was grey. The sand was grey. The sky was grey.

Caroline left me to go and meet a friend of hers and I carried on walking through the posh area of Montevideo back towards the city centre.

It was lunch time and I still hadn`t fulfilled any of my objectives.

I found some postcards. They weren`t particularly inspiring postcards. Crazy, even the post card makers cant make Montevideo look appealing! The same shop also sold flag badges. Tick and tick. I went and found a lunch spot, McDonalds (seriosuly, me in McDonalds!), and wrote my postcards. Tick.

I then set off to find some wool. The first wool shop i found was really rubbish and I didnt find any wool I liked. I carried on the search and found some perfect yellow wool!

Other than getting on my bus to brazil, I had done all my objectives in the space of an hour. I found an art gallery and looked around in there for an hour or so. I was cold so I went back to the hostel and went on the internet.

The time came to catch my bus, I said goodbye to Caroline and I caught a local bus to the bus station. I posted my post cards and got on my bus.

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