Friday, 11 September 2009

Juan Luis Guerra... LIVE, 3 September 2009

I love spontaneity, so when Chris and his new Swiss friend Pat mentioned a concert they were going to I gave my standard South American response 'Porque no?'

We went for a few drinks before hand and then jumped into a cab to the Santa Cruz equivalent of the Millenium Stadium, althouth I had to say it was more like Bishop{s Stortford Football grounds if I{m being honest.

We bought tickets on the floor and made our way out onto the pitch. The cheap seats in the stands were packed with Bolivianos and there were a fair few people on the pitch. This was Juan Luis Guerra{s first ever concert in Bolivia, it wasn{t a sell out, but it was packed.

It was a bit of a random concert to be at, but Pat the Swiss was a fan of the guy so thats how we ended up there. Juan Luis Guerra is a Merengue (practically Salsa) artist from the Dominican Republic. The stage was empty but it was all set for a real big band.

The whole atmosphere was one of sheer excitement, an excitement which was infectious.

At about 10.30pm Juan Luis Guerra took the stage with a huge band accompanying him.

There was cheering, whistling, singing, salsa dancing... it was the best place to be in the whole of Bolivia that night. Pat was away with the music and Chris and I quickly followed.

As the show went on CHris and I grew progressively drunker and drunker. When it came to the finale Chris decided it was Amy{s turn to crowd surf! Except, this resulted in Amy being lifted and then dropped on the floor and a broken flip flop. Thanks bestie!

But that wasn{t the end. Oh no, next came the encore. Juan started up with a slow song that was very reminiscent of Candle in the Wind. Chris and I acted the fool (lot{s of {We love you Eltons{ and {We love you Santa Cruz{) until Chris took it a step too far and was shushed by the Bolivian woman next to us. When the fast stuff started up again Chris and I had one final Salsa and were spinning each other around in an attempt to strut our best drunken Salsa moves.

It was so sad when the concert came to an end. It had been an awesome night. It was great to see the Bolivians all going crazy for Juan Luis Guerra, and awesome to watch some wicked Salsa Dancing. It really was a shame when the night was over. Despite our cheers for a second encore, Juan never returned to the stage.

After the concert, we went to the night club area of Santa Cruz. Chris had to leave for the airport at 3am and there was no way he was going to bed before the flight. Which in turn meant there was no way that I was going to bed straight after the concert.

As it happened the bar scene in Santa Cruz was about as happening as the rest of the town (excepting the Juan Luis GUerra concert). Myself, Chris and Pat the Swiss sat in the emptiest bar in the whole of Bolivia and drank until Chris had to leave for his flight.

Verdict on Juan Luis Guerra, totally awesome, and Santa Cruz has been redeemed.

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