Sunday, 6 September 2009

Havaiana Hell, 20 August 2009

Everyone knows that Brazil is famous for it`s Havaianas, and there is certainly no shortage of these famous flip flops in Rio de Janiro. Every pharmacy, grocery store, cake shop has a rack of Havianas for sale. But as we were heading to Ipanema beach (the rain had cleared) we decided to try one of the recoommended Haviana stores a few blocks from the beach.


There was every single possible colour imaginable, with a million different patterns, some with heels, some with thin straps, some with fat, some with straps around your ankles and other funky fastenings. It was insane!

From floor to ceiling it was just flip flops! I have never seen a shoe shop like it!

Added to all this were the hoards of Brits making international phonecalls that went a long the following lines; `How many pairs do you want?... 7 great. And what size are you?... WHat colours do you prefer?´

It was hell. Laura was pretty quick in making her choices os I didn`t have to suffer it for too long thankfully. But before we left I heard the worst comment in the world... `I just hope I don`t get home and regret not buying more pairs for myself!` WHAT!!!

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