Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Good Morning Paradise, 15 August 2009

Alto Paraiso translates as High Paradise, and waking up on Saturday morning it certainly was a Paradise. Blue, clear skies, beautiful temperature and birds chirping in the trees.

Laura and I were keen to explore the National Park but knew we needed to find a guide. After an incredible coconut and white chocolate drizzle cake for breakfast we headed to the town centre to find a guide. The town centre was little more that a street, and we quickly realised that Alto Paraiso was not Sao Paulo! We walked into a tour agency and found a guide who spoke amazing English and promised to take us to the National park the next day on the premise that he could fix his car today. We asked him what we could do today without a guide and he sent us in the directions of some waterfalls and lakes.

We went back to our lovely little posada and donned our swimmers. We grabbed some picnic snacks andheaded to the Loquinahs. It took about an hour and a half to reach but it was so worth it. We had the waterfalls all to ourselves and had a perfect sun deck. Eager to go for a swim we tested the water. It was freezing. After taking about 15 minutes to go in up to our shoulders we had a quick swim and then got back out of the water. It was so incredibly cold. It didn`t matter though because we had a prime spot for sun bathing and we could ever dangle our toes in the water as we sun baked.

We spotted a gorgous bird which was a relative of the kingfisher and then we were joined by a million monkeys. They didnt bother us, just passed us by. We quickly hid our food anyway so they couldnt snatch it.

After a few hours lounging around we lsot the sun and decided to wander back to the town.

As we walked back we spotted a blue and yellow macaw flying ropund. We were so incredibly excited. I love macaws! It was amazing!

We wandered back with the sun still beaming down, all we could see was blue sky. It was worth getting stuck in Brasilia jsut so we could experience this paradise.

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