Thursday, 3 September 2009

Finding Jesus, 19 August 2009

Christ the Redeemer is an icon of Rio. When we stepped off the bus on our arrival Laura pointed up to a hill and asked me if that was Christ on the top. Nah, I said. It`s going to be way bigger than that. It`s true, Christ looks really small from the ground, but when you get up there, it`s a whole different story...!

So we ditched the walking tour and grabbed a cab up to Jesus. It was such a mission to get there on the highways, and the cabbie tried to get us to pay him for a return journey, but we were having none of it, jsut drop us off at the train and leave us alone.

It was an expensive cab ride as the journey took about twenty minutes but when we got to the top to clear blue skies behind the white statue of christ it was worth every penny.

We maybe had three minutes of clear blue sky and then it clouded over. But even with the cloud behind the almighty statue it was still cool to see.

Again, the view from here was incredible and we eyed up Copacabana beach which we decided should be our next destination after Christ.

It was absolutely packed and full of toursits pulling Christ poses with their arms out. I didn`t really expect it to feel spiritual up there, and it didn`t, but it would have been nice if it was such a touristy tourist attraction.

We chilled out next to Jesus for over an hour, it wasn`t too cold and it was cool just be up there and enjoying the views in the presence of Christ.

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