Monday, 7 September 2009

Events, 23=28 August 2009

Our time on the islang was pretty much punctuated by events. The big event of the day was always the beach. But post beach we would run a series of Events before going to bed.

Incidentally, we were having an Ice Cream Event when we met Big.

Here are some of our highlight Events.

Coffee and Cake while watching the boats. Passion Fruit cake, Chocolate cake and two cappucinos while sitting on the wall in the village by the beach.

Acai. Acai berries covered in granola, bananas and honey, eaten whislt sat watching the boats come in.

Wathcing the boats come in. We somehow found ourselves at the pier at the same time everyday, so it became an event in itself.

CHocoalte Truffles.

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