Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Day 2, One stitch later...

So I woke up again this morning all ready to take on the day ahead. My fears of animals had been decreased after a day of affection from the lovely Capuchins and Spiders, and when it came to delivering breakfast to the monkeys I was straight in. I took a bucket of bananas and carried it up to the monkey park! I was a little nervy that I might get monkey mobbed for my ´nanas but I was lucky and it didn´t happen.

When we reached the Monkey Park we had a conflab with the Spider Monkey Girls about the shared chores of the day. Once the conflab was over we had to start putting the bananas in the monkey trays. As I lifted my bucket along came Salim. Salim is the alpha male of the Capuchins and the only monkey in Monkey Park that comes with a warning. He had jumped on me yesterday and was fine with me, so I thought I had made a friend. He´s the biggest Capuchin and is a heavy bugger too.

So there I was, bucket of bananas strung on my shoulder and Salim perching on me. As I tried to walk away to distribute the bananas Salñim decided he was coming with me too. Fair enough I figured. Fair enough until I started to move. As I moved off the bucket started to fall quickly from my shoulder. At this point Salim thought I was trying to take the bananas off him. Obviusly this wasnt the case. I mean who messes with a monkey when he wants bananas. It was bloody gravity, curse it. So with Salim on my shoulders getting cross that the Bananas were being taken away from him he reacts in the only way possible... BITE! Teeth sink directly into my left jaw and chomp! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

My initial reaction is to scream and I toss away the stupid monkey with all my might. I can´t remember what happened to the bucket of bananas, it must have fallen, but the monkey was off me.

I put my hand to my face and pull it away. I have blood on my hand.

At this point James looks over and sees me. ´Go to the vets!´

I didn´t stop to pick up by bananas and legged it away from Salim and all the other monkeys just hoping that I wouldn´t get jumped on by another sneaky monkey on my walk back.

I daren´t tocuh my face, I don´t want to get dirt in my wound. I have no idea how much blood there is, I just keep walking.

I reach the cafe and there is a group sat around eating breakfast. I appear in tears and Bec and Bondy jump up to take me thorugh to the vets.

I´m shaking and in shock and I am sat down on the same table which they use to operate on the Pumas, monkeys and birds.

Neneh the park manager appears with a bottle of coke and the vets come over straight away.

Bec (volunteer coordinator and cat handler) was an absolute hero and held my hand the whole time. She told me stories of people who had to have mutliple stitches on their faces. I was only going to need one!

A stitch! I´ve never had a stitch before! Arghhh!

I´m cleaned up by the vets and then anesthetised. Luckily the vets get a lot of practice at stitching people up and within 15 minutes I´m all fixed up and patched up. Althouhg, I am still drippin with tears. I am given the morning off to recover and I go sit in the cafe.

Recounting the story to the other volunteers turns me to a teary mess, reliving it is awful. It´s kind of ironic that the one who is scared on animals gets bitten on her second day. Everyone is really nice though, and I hear more stories and see more scratches from cats, monkeys and tejons. And people wonder why I am scared of animals!

I knit to calm myslef, thank god i brought my knitting down iin my bag this morning. I eat chocolate to stay calm.

I get bored, sitting on your own is not fun. BY lunch time I am ready to go back and with my heart pounding like somethihng that pounds realyl fast I walk back up to the monkey park. The first monkey i see is Salim sitting on the bridge. I eye him, and dodge as far as I can. He was just chilling. I sit down and look at the monkeys. None come particuarly close and I am half relieved half annoyed. I want to be smothered in monkeys so that I can overcome the terror that is racing through me, but of course, the fear is scaring them away from me. None of the spider nmonkeys want cuddles today. Damn them, i need a cuddle.

I eventualyl get a capuchin on my shoulder and he immediately goes to pick off my dressing. NOPE! Not happening mate. The monkey is off me. I am monkey free and allowed to chill and sit with the monkeys (work free) juyst so I can get used to them again.

I had done so well the previous day and now I was a mess again. As we went to prepare monkey dinner I got another Capuchin on my neck and he insisted on hanging on me all the way back to the main centre. Grrr you Capuchin.

I helped make dinner, but was too petrified to take it up to the monkeys with the others. I cleaned the kitchen instead and then went to eat popcorn with some other Volunteers.

Today has made me remember why I I don´t like animals. Dont get me wrong I LOVE animals, I just can´t cope with dealing with them. Loads of volunteers came up to the monkey park on the breaks today and were playing and swinging, completely fearless. I want to be like that. I want them to jump on me as I walk along and be totally unbothered. I want to play and not squeal and react when they come to me. I want to be able to feed them and not get scared. I´m going to go and do breakfast tomorrow morning but I am going to feed them their milk, a little less intense than the bananas. Hopefully after tomorrow morning I will be alittle more confident and will be able to move forward with the monkeys, i really want to, but this is a mind over matter experience worse than anything I have done so far.

I bet you can´t wait for the antics of tomorrow´s post.


  1. Oh, if i didn´t mention it, it definitely hurts, a dull trhobbing now exists on my left jaw. It kinda balances the wisodm tooth pain I have on my right jaw!

  2. Flipping eck Amy. Make sure you keep it clean. Are you still on the Antibiotics????

  3. Every time I see this blog it makes me go cold. For those of you who don't know before Amy left the UK, Amy set my Google home page to '8 MONTHS WITHOUT HEELS'

  4. For those of you that don´t know... Sue is my mother!

  5. Are you alright??? Sounds horribly frightening....but you're pretty damn brave going in there with some crazy monkeys!! Hope you're enjoying yourself despite this incident!!! Sure I'll see you soon at some point! Take Care! xx (It's Megan by the way!!)