Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Colonia... by bike, 5 August 2009

I woke up this morning knowing that I HAD to do something different. I shook myself and decided that I had to make the most of my time in Uruguay and that I couldn`t carry on longing for Buenos Aires.

Today was going to be a day on a bike.

The hostel had cheap rentals and Caroline and German girl in the hostel decided to join me.

Tweo weeks earlier there had been hurricane like storms in Colonia, but today there was nothing but beautiful sunshine. I hadn`t pedalled far before I had to take off my hoodie and cycle in just a t-shirt. The three of us cycled outside of the town out towards the beaches of Colonia. Although it was t-shirt weather, it definitely wasn´t beach weather. So after a little paddle and a few photos we pedalled back to the city centre.

The city of Colonia is really pretty. There are lots of gorgeous old buildings painted in different colours and cobbled streets. We cycled round for a bit and then decided to climb the lighthouse. We soon realsied that Colonia was best appreciated from street level as it all looked pretty dull from this birds eye view. A school party came up the lighthouse behind us so we made a sharp exit back out.

We ditched the bikes, the city centre is too small for bikes really, and went and ate ice cream. It wasnt as good as the ice cream in Buenos Aires. Dammit. There i go, longing for Buenos Aires! OoopS. Well the ice cream wasn`t as good. In fact, it was distinctly average.

After ice cream I walked down to the little pier and watched the sun go down. it was a really pretty sunset and it looked awesome with all the little fishermans boats moored in the harbour.

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