Sunday, 13 September 2009

Chasing Dinosaurs, 4 September 2009

So after finding a hostel and taking breakfast in Sucre myself and Ryan (one of the guys who was on my bus) headed in search of Dinosaurs!!!

We jumped on a strange Disney Land-esque automobile that is known simply as THE DINO TRUCK! Oh yes!

Five minutes into our journey on the DINO TRUCK my excitement was gone. This machine was an eyesore. And all the locals laughed, pointed and jeered as the DINO TRUCK passed by. It was very, very, very embarassing. And discreet it was not.

After thirty minutes of sheer humiliation the DINO TRUCK pulled in to a cement works and we were ushered in to a Dinosaur Museum. As Dinosaur Museums go, and I will add that I am a bit of a Dinosaur fan, this one was pretty average. It had some cool life size dinosaurs that looked pretty cool, but this museum was not about the bones and model dinosaurs. Oh no, this place was about the footprints.

The guide led us to an outdoor viewing platform where we came face to face with a wall of Dinosaur Footprints. The site is the largest collextion of Dinosaur footprints in the world. It was amazing. One of the tracks was the longest dinosaur track in the world. It wa was soo increidbly cool.

After an hour in the museum it was all aboard the Dino Truck and back to Sucre city centre.

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