Monday, 7 September 2009

Cachaca, 24 August 2009

Cachaca is the main ingredient in the famous Caipirinhas and it costs about 2 pounds to buy a liter bottle of the stuff. So one night Laura and I decided to buy a bottle and a dozen limes to make our own Caipirinhas. We had no sugar, but found a solution when we stole the sugar bowl from the ´free coffee making facility´in the posada. We sat with the ozzies and cracked open the Cachaca (which we deliberately incorrectly called Cahakkas for our whole trip, it should be pronounced Cashassha). We never intended to drink the whole bottle, we had bought it to last us a few nights, but after an hour, or two, or three, the bottle was gone. Huh! We were making such amazingly tasty Caipirinhas that we hadn´t even noticed that we had used up the bottle. But, given that we had drunk half a liter of cachaca each, we were both suprisingly sober. Seriously sober in fact! It was very strange. But it was good because we didn´t wake up with hangovers the next morning.

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