Friday, 11 September 2009

BO...LIV...I....ARRRRR! 1-11 September 2009

So I have been in Bolivia for 11 days so far, and my god they have flown by! FLOWN BY! Here is a brief overview of Bolivia so far...

1 - Death Train to Santa Cruz
2 - Santa Cruz
3 - Santa Cruz, overnight to Sucre
4 - Sucre
5 - Potosi
6 - Potosi, overnight to Tupiza
7 - Tupiza
8 - Salt Flat Tour
9 - Salt Flat Tour
10 - Salt Flat Tour
11 - Salt Flat Tour, Overnight to La Paz
12 - Arrive in La Paz

In short, I am loving the country. Really loving it. And as ever, I have lots of stories to share!!

p.s. can I also point out that this is my 401 post on this blog! That{s actually insane!

p.p.s the apostrophe key keeps coming up as this key {, so where you see { please read as an apostrophe. if i pĂșt apostophes in the wrong places please accept my apologies i have a lot to say and my fingers can{t type as fast as my brain thinks!


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