Monday, 7 September 2009

a BIG day! 23 August 2009

So after our day in the sun on the beach we decided to grab an ice cream before we headed back to the posada to get ready. We tried a different ice cream palour this day and discovered the famed walnut, fig and cognac ice cream. We filled up our cups with different flavours, damask, lemon meringue pie, and of course walnut fig and cogac, weighed the cups and then sat outside and devoured.

Now before i tell you what happened next let me tell you a story about when Laura and I were 18. Just before I was going to uni and Laura was going travelling the two of us went up to Ronnie Scotts in Soho for a Salsa night. We arrived early and were sat in a streetside cafe in Soho drinking coffee. As we sat I noticed that Harry Hill was walking along the street about to go past us. Laura must have seen my face react and before i had time to subtly tell her that Harry Hill was about to walk past us she had looked over her shoulder, done a double take, and then proceeded, in a loud voice, to say ´Oh my goodness, It´s Harry Hill.´ Of course, Harry Hill heard this and chuckled to himself, I turned bright red and the two of us dissolved into a fit of giggles. So what I´m getting at here, is that Laura is far from subtle when she gets star struck. Love you Laura!

So ther we were eating our ice cream and Laura glances over her shoulder and then does a double take. ´Oh my gooodness...! It´s that actor´. Peering over to where she had just looked, ´i was like what actor?´ ´You know the one from the Bill´ Laura said. I continued to look and coudlnt see anyone that i recognised from the Bill. ´Oh my goodness! It´s Big´ said Laura. I was confused. First I was lookign for a c list actor in the bill and then she´s telling me it´s Big! Laura could bearly keep her bum in her seat as she was up trying to catch eyes with the one and only Big from Sex and the City. Oh my goodness, it was Big, and he came and sat twoo tables away from us. Laura was ridiculously excited, as was i, but i was excited in a more subtle way, she was jumping around askign if she could go over and talk to him. ´Shall I go ask him if he is Big?´ Laura, darling, it is Big, what would you say to him after he affirmed that he was in actual fact Big. ´Er, I don´t know´. Laura please don´t do it. I had to forcibly restrain the girl from going up to Big and asking him if he was Big. Laura, he´s just an ordinary person on holiday liek you and me, let´s not pester him sweetie by askign the obvious!

We had eaten our ice cream, but we wer two tables froom Big so there was n o way we were goign to move. We sat and chilled out and chatted and kept catching glances of the man himself. After he left, we left and tehn noticed a whole hoard of people at a cafe across who had been sat ogling at Big as well. Poor man, he can´t go anywhere without attracting attention. When we saw the audience he had attracted, Laura was happy that she ddin´t go up and talk to him.

We ran to an internet cafe and changed our facebook statuses!

WE SAW BIG!!!!!!

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