Tuesday, 15 September 2009

BESTIES!!!! 5 September 2009

Well, I guess the last post gave the game away, but yes, after many facebook posts and text messages, me and me besties managed to meet up in Potosi!

I arrived at their hostel and poked my head in the front door to find Scott on ´Bestie Watch´ sitting on a bench facing the hostel´s entrance. Then I saw Rhiannon prancing around. Chaos ensued.

Jumping, squealing, hugging, shouting `Bestie´ at full blast.

I had found my Besties again. Turns out they had spent their entire afternoon running round Potosi shouting ´Bestie, where are you?´ much to the bemusement of the locals.

With Ryan, Sharon and another guy from out hostel we all went to dinne. Rhiannon and I spent the whole evening recounting every minutae of our travels since we last saw each other. Non-stop chat!

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