Monday, 7 September 2009

Back to where we began, 30 August 2009

We arrived back in Sao Paulo on the Sunday afternoon. We weren´t fussed over seeing anything in the city so we spent the afternoon chilling in the hostel. We were both a bit quiet, I guess it was end of holiday blues.

Three weeks with Laura had been awesome and now it was our last night together. It was a sad affair.. BUT... It was a Sunday! Pizza Day! Woohoo!

We were recommended an eat as much as you can Pizza Place in the Food Quarter of a nearby shoppping mall. We were there.

We were a little confused when we got there, we could see no buffet. After some dodgy Portugese we realised that the Pizza was brought round the tables and you took it off the plate as it came round.

We both took a mound of salad and then the Pizza began. 8 slices of pizz later we were both ridiculously stuffed! When they offered us sweet pizza, our eyes lit up but our bellies groaned. We then stuffed a slice of choclolate and banana pizza down us. We were both in pain. We had eaten far too much, far too much! BUt it was good pizza not rubbish pizza.

It was near impossible to walk back to the hostel. We were in agony and Laura swore that she wouldn´t be eating at all the next day.

Back at the hostel we had some packing to do. Laura made the mistake of offering to take stuff home for me... i filled her bag up to the brim with bits and bobs that i didn´t need with me. It probably took about 2 hours to do the packign! Nightmare.

We ended the night and the holiday with a few last games of shithead!

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