Tuesday, 15 September 2009

And onwards to Tupiza, 6/7 September 2009

It had seemed to me like a good idea to go back to Sucre from Potosi with my Besties and then onwards with them for some Bolivian Adventures. But as we sat in our Gringo Cafe on our Lazy Sunday i realised that it would work out better for me to head towards Tupiza and do a Salt Flat tour and then meet up with Scott and Rhiannon in La Paz in a few days. As much as it broke the hearts of my two Besties when I broke this to them, they both new deep down that it made sense. I´d already checked out of my hostel with the intention of moving to Scott and Rhiannon´s hostel, so with no bed booked for the night I decided that I would take the nightbus to Tupiza. (Oh, i love the spontaneity of travelling solo). In a flash I had changed my mind again and I was on my way to Tupiza. The bus left at 8pm and was due to arrive at 6am. I was not impressed when the bus stopped at 3.30am and the lady next to me confirmed that the bus had arrived at Tupiza. Dammit! I was trying to save a night on accomodation. So at 3.30am I cracked out my compass, got my bearings and woke up the receptionist at the nearest hostel to the bus station. I slept until 10am.

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