Wednesday, 2 September 2009

And another bus... 8/9 August 2009

So I had arrived in Porto Alegre, Brazil and it was trhowing it down. I had a flick through my LP and figured that Porto Alegre wasn`t worth sticking around, especially in the rain, so I jumped on to the next bus to Sao Paulo. Another 18 hours on another bus! Woop, woop!

I watched a beautiful sunset from the window of the bus.

The old lady sat next to me shared her biscuits with me. I gave her some crisps. When it got cold at night because of the air conditioning she shared her blanket with me. I thanked her in Spanish. Ooop! What was thank you in Portuguese? Arghhh! I`m in Brazil and I can`t speak the language! Dammit! Why do the Brazilians insist on speaking Portugues anyway, it would be easier for them to speak Spanish like the rest of the continent!

The bus pulled into Sao Paulo at 7am.

I jumped straight on the tube and made my way to the hostel that Laura and I had chosen to stay at.

After two nights on buses I jumped straight into bed.

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