Wednesday, 2 September 2009

¨Amy, Look...¨ 11 August 2009

As we walked past MacDonalds, I decided that it was ice cream o clock. I grabbed an Ovaltine McFlurry and Laura a chocolate sundae. We moved away from MaccyDs and stood by the roadside eating our ice creams. Then mid conversation Laura says to me ¨Amy, Look...¨ I turn round expecting to see soemthing brilliantly Brazilian, a carnival float, a woman dressed as Carmen Miranda, a parrot even... Oh no... I turn to see two men being held at gun point by the police!

Deep in our conversation we hadn`t heard the sirens or noticed the flashing lights to pull over the car that was in the street next to us.

I grabbed Laura`s arm and pulled her away. I moved her about 5 meters so we were out of the way of stray bullets but still insight of the action. Then my sensibility clicked in and I dragged Laura and myself away completely. Whether the bullets went stray or hit the targets we wanted to be well out of the way.

We walked on in hysterics. Laura had told me to look in such a nonchalant tone that the last thing I was expecting was to see guns drawn! I welcomed Laura to Brazil!

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