Monday, 7 September 2009

4 Aussies, 2 Brits and a whole lotta beer! 22 August 2009

We weren´t really feeling a night out on our first night in Ilha Grande, but on the second night that changed ver much.

There were four Aussies (1 girl, 3 guys) in our Posada and after we had spent the day exploring we joined them for a few beers. They hadn´t dared go out in the cloudy weather, it was too cold for them so they had been drinking all day. We didn´t make any attempt to catch up with them, but before we knew it we had drunk all but two cans from our twelve pack. Incidentally, Laura and I chose the beer which had penguins on the packaging, you cant get much more girly can you! Laura and I were tiddly to say the least. At 10.30pm we were chased out of the posada for making to much noise and we went in search of a club. The rumour was that there was a Samba club that opened at midnight, but we foud this to be a lie and ended up in a little bar. Twas a good night but the hangovrs the next mornign were not pretty. We felt pretty frail on the beach the next day.

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