Monday, 31 August 2009

Tour Guide Amz, 1 August 2009

Pippa and Harri arrived in Buenos Aires this morning. They aren't staying in my hostel, but there hostel is just across the road. After breakefast I went over to the hostel to meet them.

The two of them were sitting in the kitchen area of their hostel looking very very tired. They had had a really bad flight over night from Lima and hadn't had a wink of sleep. But on seeing me they burst into life and the three of us began talking at lightspeeds catching up on all the things we had done since Santiago.

Three other girls, Miranda, Emma and Sophie, who were on Pipp and Harri's GAP tour were also in the same hostel and after a quick catch up the six of us set off to explore Buenos Aires.

I was designated as tour guide and I guided them round the highlights of Buenos Aires telling them all the FUN FACTS that I had learnt since I had been in Buenos Aires.

At this point in the trip I started to repeat the things that I had already seen, but I didn't really mind. I always love it when I can show people around my favourite places in London, and now I had a similar thing showing people round my favourite palces in Buenos Aires.

We walked to the Plaza de Mayo and saw the Casa Rosada, El Cabildo and the Cathedral. I took the girls inside the Cathedral as it is just so beautiful. We had a hilarious moment watching the changing of the card by the crypt of General San Martin. They came from behind us and made us all jump and then we watched their military precision which was going very well, untill one of the guards half fell over in the middle of the changing of the guard. We all continued to watch trhough stifled giggles!

From the Plaza de Mayo we made our way along the chaos that is Avenida Florida, then to Buenos Aires' Big Ben at Plaza San Martin and onwards to the big metal flower. I pointed out the spot where i was nearly mugged! Then I did a whistle stop tour of the Bellas Artes museum picking out all the best paintings. After this we did the cemetry and then the Saturday market in Recoleta.

The girls loved it as I gave them all the facts and tourist spiel. I felt that all I was lacking was an umberella for my tour group to follow.

After all the touristy stuff we entered the market. I had been very restrained the week before, but somehow with the influence of Pippa and Harri I ended up with a gorgeous painitning and a gorgeous leather handbag... when in Buenos Aires!

After a hardcore day of sights we were all pretty exhausted so went for a quick nap before dinner.

The girls were so impressed with the Tenedor Libre where i took them for dinner and we all gorged on meat and salad! I was given the title of best tour guide ever!

We finally finished eating at midnight and we were all really tired. Harri, Sophie, Emma and Miranda went back to the hostel. Despite our tiredness Pippa and I decided to stay up and we found a great little bar in San Telmo with an awesome Rock and Roll band playing. After lots and lots of talking Pippa and I eventually rolled home at 5am!The music was really cool and we were so chilled, we just didn't realise the time!

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