Monday, 31 August 2009

T-t-t-t-TANGO!!! 2 August 2009

Ok, slightly out of chronological order, but after the day at San Telmo Market, Pippa, Harri, the Swedish girl Caroline and I went to the TANGO!

We arrived at the address given to us by Rich and Rhiannon. We walked in and were not impressed. Miranda, Emma and Sophie had paid out and gone to a fancy tango show with glitz and glamour and we had just arrived at a school hall with tables round the edge and loads of locals in jeans and tshirts doing the tango. Pippa was not impressed with me. I told her that Rich and Rhiannon had said it was amazing. We paid about two pounds to enter and were given a marble. What's the marble for? we asked the lady at the entrance... For the Rock and Roll was the response. Confused! Were we supposed to dance rock and roll while balancing a marble on our heads? Huh?

We sat at a table and watched the beginners class. They were doing the tango. We had intended to join in with the tango class, but we were late and had missed the beginning and there was no way we could pick it up mid way. But, after a glass of wine Harri and I decided it wouldn't be too difficult and we clumsly joined the class trying to pick up the tango. The Spanish speaking tango teacher was not very helpful and gave us dirty looks and made no attempt to help us.

After fits of giggles the class came to an end. Shame. We still hadn't learned to tango.

Then we heard an annoucnement that siad the tango class would begin in fifteen minutes! huh? we quickly realised that Harri and I had joined the tail end of the Milonga class, not the tail end of the Tango class.

So, when the tango class began we were ready for it. The dance hall was slpit into beginners, intermediates and advanced. It was jam packed with people of all ages learning and perfecting hteir dance moves.

We fed Pippa more wine so that we were all ready for the beginning og the tango class. Alhtough we couldnt understand a work of the spanish dancing lingo we quickly picked up the steps. When it came to dancing with partners all of us girls were on form, however, some of our partners didn't quite have the knack! they may have been 100% argentine, but that didn't make them great dancers. We all fumbled through and got to grips with the tango! We were really good b the end of the calss.

In the gap between the tango and rock and roll class the dance teachers did a bit of a tango show and it was amazing to watch the professionals at play! such a beautiful dance!

We were on fire for the rock and roll class and we even contemplated joining the intermediate group. Although as we danced the rock and roll we all began to wonder what the purpose was of the marble! It still hadn't come clear!

After the rock and roll class came our aanswer. as an interlude before the dance floor was open for free dancing was a rock a roll dance contest. 6 couples showed off their best rock and roll moves. they really were incredible, there was lots of lifts, swinigng around and lots of jiving! it was aaweomse to watch and after we voted for our faourite by placing our marbles boxes that corresponded with each couple! the ones that we voted for won!

Sophie, Emma and Miranda came and joined us after their fancy tango show and we all danced, people watched and admired the awesome dancers.

And depsite our initial aapprehensions when we arrived we had a really awesome night! really awesome!

It was great to see so many people together dancing and having a great time. I guess its what it must have been like in the dance halls in the olden days! ahh bring back those days!

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