Monday, 10 August 2009

So.... Buenos Aires, 21 July - 4 August 2009

Yes, that's right readers... I spent a whole two weeks in Buenos Aires!!! 2 WEEKS! That's the longest amount of time that I have spent anywhere IN THE WORLD in the last 6 months!

There are several reasons I chose to stay in Buenos Aires for such a long time, but the main reason was that I just loved the place!!! I spent my days exploring the city in absolute awe. It was beautiful, vibrant and an exciting place to be... at one point I even thought to myself I love this place more than New York City. Extreme I know, but I quite literally lost my heart to BA.

There were two other reasons that I chose to hang around in BA (in no particular order):

1. I was due to meet Laura on 10 August in Sao Paulo, I didn't want to get to Brazil too early as it is rumoured on the backpacker grapevine to be a bit expensive, so I figured I would kill time in BA before heading on to Uruguay and then onwards to Brasil!

2. I heard stories that Uruguay was 'distinctly average' and not worth more than a few days travelling through. Everyone told me it was a great place to go and live for a few months, but for someone travelling through any more than a couple of days was most unnecessary.

3. Pippa and Harri were due to arrive in BA on 1st August and the prospect of fun times with the girlies was worth sticking around for.

4. I've met a fair few people while travelling around Argentina from Buenos Aires, all of whom I wanted to try and catch up with at some point while I was there.

So with all that I ended up spending an incredible two weeks in Buenos Aires. So here begins another epic blogging sesh...

Can i just point out that I am currently using the free internet in the hostel as there is no one waiting to use it, however, when someone comes to kick me off I will head to the nearest internet cafe to continue... so, if you are reading 'live' then you may experience some delay.

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