Monday, 31 August 2009

SHOPPPPPING!!! 30 July 20009

My besties left me today. They were making their way towards the South of Argentina for some Glacier fun.

So, with no besties to keep me company I made my way out to Palermo again to meet up with Petra for an afternoon of shopping!

Petra has been in BA for two months researching for her thesis, but the reality is that she has had more success with shopping than with her research, this obviously isn't great for her thesis, but it is great for me as I had an aaawesome shopping guide.

I actually didn't buy a single thing, Petra added a couple more bags to her collection, but the shopping experience was fantastic.

I have never been in such beautiful shops ever. They were all so nicely designed insde with cool wallpáper, cool fixtures and fittings, and were jsut toatally cool. I would have liked to take photos of the shop interiors! I would also have liked lots and lots of money to spend! I was very restrained, I nearly bought some beautiful boots, but i was saved the dint in the bank balance as they didn't have the boots in my size. such a shame!

It was great to wander around all the little boutiques and explore the area. I was really glad to have Petra with me as well as I really don't think i would have found the shops without her!

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