Monday, 10 August 2009

San Telmo Market, 26 July 2009

Everyone in the hostel was going to San Telmo´s famous antique market on Sunday. About ten of us set off together, but as is the way with markets everyone got lost and ended up going separate ways.

But us BESTIES stuck together and worked our way through the market the three of us. (ALSO, just to point out, rhiannon, Chris and I became BESTIES as a mickey-take of Paris Hilton´s BFF that we had a conversation about the first night we met, we adopted the term ironically to define our little trio).

The market was cool, the whole street was lined with people selling all sorts of things tourist stuff, jumpers, leather jackets, vintage sunglasses and bags. There were magicians, street performers and food vendors everywhere.

The three of us were starved but we promised ourselved a big steak lunch so we passed on the big fat empanadas. The street performers were amazing and walking around was just incredible, there was such a great vibe going on. I´m going to say that the vibe was a mix between a Sunday on Portabello Market and a Saturday Afternoon in Covent Garden, but the vibe was far superior to both of these.

We spent the whole day just looking at stalls and watching the street musisicnas and performers. The best performer was a great little old lady who sat listening to a walkman with a home-made drumkit in front of her. The drum kit was made of tin cans, lids from spray paint cans and other bits of plastic and metal. She drummed along like a crazy thing, i guess she was playing along to whatever she was listening to on her walkman, and then from no where she stops and produces a fan with a sign saying SHOW ME THE MONEY! She started jumping on her drum stool shouting SHOW ME THE MONEY! SHOW ME THE MONEY! Wetting ourselves with lauhgter we obliged and through a few pesos in her pot. SHe was an absolute star.

We had a great steak lunch, the famous bife de chorizo, a real sunday steak with loads of great salad. yumm!

Chris then decied to buy a magic set, admittedly it was all in Spanish, but Chris was certain he had the magic touch to be able to make it work!

The actual antique part was really cool too, loads of old fur coats, chandeliers, colourful water siphons, gramaphones, Happy meal toys the standard antique fair. We played Antiques Roadshow as we wandered around and estimated the prices of the things we saw.

It was such a cool atmosphere and vibe going on that we literally jsut wandered around from stall to stall, from entertainer to entertainer. And other than buying lunch, I was incredibly restrained and didn´t buy a thing.

When we got back we tried to fathom out magician Chris´s magic set. This involved typinf spanish into google and then trying to decipher the mystically written translation. Chris mastered two tricks and then we resigned ourselves to an UNO tournament!

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