Monday, 31 August 2009

A run with a pick pocket and some awesome art, 29 July 2009

Wednesday was free day at the MALBA museum and Rhiannon and I dragged Scott along to see some art and culture.

The MALBA museum is famous for its Argentine modern art and we had heard great recommendations from the people who had trekked out to Palermo to check it out.

We hopped onto the subway at about 10 am in the morning. It was suprisigly busy on the subway given that rush hour was over.

As the train moved between stations I got pushed away from Rhiannon and Scott. SO there I was stood on the train holding on to one of the posts minding my own business. Then i felt something pushing the top of my thigh. It was my bag pushing onto my thigh. Then I realised that there was someone's hand pushing the zip along on my bag. I realised that the man next to me had a coat over his arm and I couldn't see his hands... but i could feel them, and they were worming their way into my bag. I froze. What could I do? I was certain that his hand was in my bag, but I was also doubting it at the same time... All of a sudden my reflexes kicked in and my whole body convulsed and I jumped a jerky jump letting go of the post I was clinigng onto and losing my balance completely. I didn fall, but in the process I managed to clear a space that enabled me to move away from the guy who had his hand in my bag. As I calmed myself from my little convulsion and readjusted myself the guy who had his hand in my bag looked to me and said in a horrivle nasty voice 'What is your problem?' I said that nothing was wrong. I knew he had his hand in my bag, but I was also doubting it, so I didn't want to turn to him and accuse him of trying to snatch my bag. It was really weird and I jsut couldn't face the confrontation. The train came into a station and the man got off the train pretty sharpish. I moved over to Rhiannon and Scott. They asked me what had happened, they thought someone had trodden on my toe. I explained what had happened. Luckily, once again, all my valuales were in the pockets of my jacket and my bag only contained a few tissues and a stolen lollipop from La Cabrera.

We carried on on the train and then took a walk to the art gallery where we spent the day exploring modern art of Argentina. It was actually realy cool. In fact, it was probably better than the bellas artes museum. There were a lot of pieces that made you think, and made you question, but it was very cool.

After grabbing some lunch we went into the Japanese gardens and ate oreos.

We rounded off the day with another meal, the last Besties supper, at the Tenedor Libre next to the hostel.

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