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Recolletta Market, 25 July 2009

Recolletta is another Barrio in Buenos Aires, and is the Barrio where the famous Recolletta Cemetry can be found, but today I was not heading to Recolletta for the cemetry (oh no, that was scheduled for Tuesday at 10.30 when there was a free English tour), but instead for the Market.

I´ve become weary of markets in Argentina, they all sell the same llama jumpers, the same mate cups, the same knitted socks. And like the markets in Asia, it was all getting a bit repetitive.

Recolletta Market was different, it broke the monotony of all the other Markets i´d been to in Argentina.

Rhiannon and I (Chris was sleeping off the previous night) headed out to the market and were both in shopping heaven. There were some great paintings and then loads of great little stalls with cool leather handbags, belts and all sorts of jewellery. I was pretty resttrained and didn´t buy anything. I was paying close attention to things I liked, but kept reminding myself that I could always come back next weekend and buy the things I really wanted.

Then, I spied something that I really had to have... TOFFEE STRAWBERRIES! You know how you get Toffee Apples, well these were the same concept but with Strawberries instead. INCREDIBLE! The crunchy outer shell of toffee was a great contrast to the soft squishy strawberries. YUMMY!

The strawberries were great, but it had triggered my spending gene. The strawberries haad been super cheap, and all I wanted to do now was buy something else... it didn´t have to be food... anything would be good. And then i saw it... a gorgeous dress. It was love at first sight and as soon as i had it on my back I knew it was meant to be. With my new favourite dress in my hand I plodded round the rest of the market happy with my spendings.

Rhiannon and I were both feeling a little ropey and soon the market got too much for us. It was massive and just went on and on. Rhiannon headed back to the hostel, but I powered throguh with a slice of lemon drizzle cake and two dulce de leche churros. Hmmmm.... cakey goodnees!

I was so close to the famed cemetry that I almost couldn´t resist, but when I noticed that the Bellas Artes museum was close by too I decided to head to check it out.

On the ground floor was lots of European Art, the typical Monet´s, Manet´s, Van Gogh´s, Matisse´s that you get everywhere. Of course they were cool in themselves because they are such great works of art, but upstairs was the home to the real treasures. The upper floor was home to all the Argentinian artwork. It was great to see some paintings of old Buenos Aires from when it was nothing more than a fort. And some of the paintings of the Old Docks were cool too. There was also some great modern art on display too that was really special. It was great to see the Argentinian art and see how if reflects the European art from the same time.

After the Bellas Artes Museum I decided to check out the Big Flower. Now, I hadn´t heard of the Big Flower until Chris mentioned it to me the previous night... ´Ít´s just a big metal flower that opens and closes with the sun, it´s cool.´ It was close by to the museum so I figured I would check it out. As I walked to the flower I was in a new area, I had never been here before. I walked through a sculpture park that was actaully quite cool (much better than the sculptures in Resistencia) and then I saw the big flower.

It wasn´t a particularly pretty flower but it was big and impressive. I didn´t see it open and close either, apparently that only happens at sun rise and sunset and I didn´t fancy sticking around that long to check it out. I admired the flower and took the obligatory photo, but I wasn´t particularly enamoured with it.

And then... I nearly got mugged!

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