Monday, 10 August 2009

Random shops in Buenos Aires, 22 July 2009

After exloring the ´safe´ part of La Boca Rhiannon, Rich and I headed to a shopping mall to buy some leg warmers for me, a scarf for Rhiannon and a jumper for Rich.

Now the shopping mall wasn´t a particularly exciting experience... but the journey to the shopping mall was incredible...!

In an attempt to encourage spending in the middle of a recession free taxis were running people to the city´s shopping malls. Great idea! So we jumped in a free shuttle taxi to Abasto Shopping Mall.

As the taxi drove around the streets of Buenos Aires we drove through various districts, the Fancy Dress Shop district was pretty cool... every shop was full of Fancy Dress constumes..! FULL! But this was not the best... oh no! And what I´m about to tell you even beats the shop in Chengdu that sold Petrol Pumps... Once we drove through the Fancy Dress Shop District we hit the SHOP MANNEQUIN SHOP DISTRICT!

Yes, that´s right, shop after shop after shop, full to the rafters with Shop Mannequins. Male mannequins, female mannequins, child sized manneguins, fat mannequins, thin mannequins, pregnant mannequins, mannequins with blonde hair, mannequins with brown hair, mannequins with crazy hair, even a Shrek Mannequin. It was freaky, it was weird, it was bloody brilliant! These shops were everywhere, on both sides of the street for about 6 or 7 blocks. Incredible!

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